Six Things You Should Know About Turkish Tea

Turkish Tea

1) It’s served in a tulip-shaped glass along side with generally two cubes of sugar. Since it’s mostly bitter you’ll need sugars.

2) In order to brew Turkish tea you’ll need two pots : caydanlik (kettle ) and demlik (teapot). You’ll need demlik for highly concentrated tea and caydanlik just for boiling water. Demlik sits on top of caydanlik during both brewing and serving. Continue reading “Six Things You Should Know About Turkish Tea”

Why spent tea leaves tell us more about tea than unspent tea leaves?

Spent Green Tea Leaves

Simply because you can get a better understanding about the quality of tea leaves infused.

Good quality tea leaf generally is composed of one whole piece rather than broken bits.

Furthermore you can get a better idea how fresh your tea is, it’s easy to distinguish fresh tea when it’s brewed.

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