Sun Moon Lake Black Tea from Fong Mong Tea

Sun Moon Lake Black Tea from Fong Mong Tea

Fong Mong Tea Sun Moon Lake Black Tea

Taiwan is certainly known for their exquisite oolong teas. Yet if you take a deeper look at Taiwanese tea culture you’ll certainly find more amazing teas coming from this beautiful island.

Sun Moon Lake Black Tea, aka Ruby #18, might easily top the list of best Taiwanese black teas.

It’s a hybrid cultivar of Burma and Taiwanese cultivars. Very unique and extraordinarily delicious tea.

If you haven’t tried Sun Moon Lake Black Teas yet, you should put it on your wish list especially if you’re into black teas. I had reviewed The Jade Leaf Sun Moon Lake previously and it was a wonderful tea just like this one.

Fong Mong Tea Sun Moon Lake Black Tea

This week’s tea, Fong Mong Tea Sun Moon Lake Black Tea, is an organic, hand-plucked tea which is a decent representation of Sun Moon Lake black teas.

Dry leaves are composed of long, slightly twisted leaves. They are uniform in shape. The smell is quite fruity.

The liquor had a vibrant amber red color with great clarity. The aroma is quite similar to the smell of the dry leaves but more intense for sure.

Fong Mong Tea Sun Moon Lake Black Tea

Tasting Notes

The taste…wonderful! You can never go wrong with a decent Sun Moon Lake Black tea. It’s rich and a delight for tea-thirsty mouths.

It’s sweet with a slight astringency but nothing that bothers you. Very well balanced!

If you like cinnamon flavored black teas, this tea has it naturally. And a quite intense one. I loved it!

It offers fruity tones as well. It’s hard to pinpoint but I get a mostly citrusy taste.

The mouthfeel is slightly thick and velvety.

The aftertaste is quite persistent, particularly the cinnamon taste, and refreshing. It left a nice trail of spicy and fruity flavor both in my throat and mouth.

What are your favorite Sun Moon Lake black teas?

Fong Mong Tea Sun Moon Lake Black Tea

Fong Mong Tea Sun Moon Lake Black Tea


3 thoughts on “Sun Moon Lake Black Tea from Fong Mong Tea

  1. Excellent!!! Same here. The flavors I sensed were mint, cinnamon, and sweet like maltose. Once again, everyone has his/her own way to experiment teas. Nobody can’t promise the same results of tea experiments. We respect and appreciate for those who pay your efforts in doing tea reviews.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. It’s always a great pleasure for me to write reviews about good quality teas. As for the tasting, I couldn’t agree more! It’s always surprising seeing how same tea is tasted quite differently by different tasters. Thank you again for delicious teas.

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