Tea Interviews: Kei Nishida of Japanese Green Tea IN

Tea Interviews: Kei Nishida of Japanese Green Tea IN

Kei Nishida of Japanese Green Tea IN

Previously, I have reviewed two green teas, Gokuzyo and Issaku, from Japanese Green Tea IN. The founder of Japanese Green Tea IN, Kei Nishida, used to work as software engineer at Hewlett Packard. A few years ago, he decided to start the company to source high quality Japanese green teas for tea lovers in India and the USA.  Without further ado, I leave you with the interview.

Q1- Can you tell us briefly about yourself and Japanese Green Tea IN?

JapaneseGreenTeaIn.com brings premium quality Japanese green tea to the USA and India. We partner with Arahataen, who grows Japanese green tea in Shizuoka, Japan.  We are the only distributor of their tea outside of Japan. Arahataen, founded in 1948, farms tea plants only through the use of the Chagusaba Method. As our ancient forebears did, we harvest silver pampas grass and other succulents to create the mulch we use as topsoil. This mulch helps form the best dirt in the world for growing green tea, which is why our tea is as nutrient-filled and tasty as it is.

Arahataen has also moved to the front of green tea farming technology in Japan by partnering with the University of Shizuoka to conduct soil research to reduce bitterness and astringency.  By combining the ancient knowledge of farming with the latest research and technology, Arahataen’s green tea has won multiple national prizes, including the best green tea by Japan’s Minister of Agriculture.

Japanese Green Tea In proudly partners with Arahataen for the exclusive rights to bring their unique green tea out of Japan.  Before our partnership, this limited product was only enjoyed in Japan.  Now, people in the USA and India are able to try and enjoy traditional green tea outside Japan for the first time.  We will be expanding to other countries soon.

Q2- What’s your favorite tea?

Issaku Premium Japanese green tea is my favorite; it is our most loved and popular tea.  This tea is the most naturally flavourful Japanese green tea on the market.  Issaku is not only grown by the traditional Chagusaba Method, it uses sugar syrup in the soil to sweeten the tea even more.  The tea is only harvested by hand once a year, by trained Tea Masters (cha-shi), and only a limited quantity is available each year.  First harvest tea always tastes better than the rest of the year. This is the best tea that Arahataen grows.

Q3- What is the best tea moment of your life?

That first sip each morning, as I greet the rising sun.  I am an early bird, and usually, wake up looking forward to that first sip.  I believe that every day is a special day, and the luxurious moment of having a real quality cup in the morning changes the tone of the day.  The “best tea moment” for me is always this morning’s first sip.

Q4- What is your favorite brewing vessel and why?

I like tea infusers from Dean and Deluca, and I am thrilled that we are now partnered with them and carry their teapot, infuser, and other items.  We are currently setting up our site to start carrying their products, including their tea vessels.  Their high-quality tea steeper is a tool I am proud to own, and I use it every day.  I cannot wait to finalize the details so that we can start offering these to our customers on our site.  The site may be updated before this article is even printed! Please check our website!

Q5- How did you get started with Japanese Green Tea IN?

I travel to India often, and I found that it is impossible to get quality Japanese green tea in India. Indian people love tea, and I am asked to bring good tea from Japan every time I visit. There was no simple way for Indian people to get quality Japanese green tea due to complex importing logistics from Japan.  Import tax of the tea is more than 100%, and people could not order online from Japanese sites either because Japanese credit card companies do not accept payment from Indian sources. It was simply not possible for anyone in India to even try good Japanese tea.

I have a background in importing business from Japan, so I thought of bringing quality Japanese green tea to India, and that is where our company started.  Our company name, Japanese Green Tea In, comes from the domain name we registered, which is www.JapaneseGreenTea.In where ‘In’ is an official domain suffix for India.

I contacted various Japanese green tea producers, and I was lucky to partner with the most well-known premium Japanese green tea producer, Arahataen.  With our partnership, I now sell the tea to India and have expanded the business to the USA.

Q6- How do you source your tea?

I am privileged to partner with Arahataen in Japan, and we are the only distributor outside Japan. Arahataen is one of the most famous brands for quality Japanese green tea in Japan, and they were the best selling Japanese green tea online in 2016.  They have won multiple national awards, including Best Quality of Tea award by Japan’s Minister of Agriculture.

Q7- Have you ever had any chance to drink Turkish tea or engage with Turkish tea culture?

I did.  I tried Turkish tea when I visited a Turkish restaurant in the USA.  I have not had much exposure to it, but I would be incredibly interested in expanding my knowledge and hope to do an article to compare Japanese and Turkish tea.  I love writing about tea and have three published books about tea. (http://amazon.com/author/kei ) I often do guest blogs on other sites and would love to learn and write about Turkish tea vs. Japanese tea.

Q8- Any suggestions for those who would like to improve their experience of tea?

I wrote an article about how to brew tasty Japanese Green Tea on our site.  You can find it here: https://www.japanesegreenteain.com/pages/how-to-brew-tasty-japanese-green-tea. At the end of the article, there is a download of a free e-book for more tips.

I also wrote a book for how to take Japanese green tea for good health:  I Will Teach You How to be Healthy by Drinking Using Japanese Green Tea: Surprising Facts and Tips for How You Can Take Best Advantage of This Amazing Plant

Q9- Where can tea lovers buy your teas?

From our website: https://www.JapaneseGreenTeaIn.com

 Japanese Green Tea IN


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