Tea Review: White 2 Tea 2016 ChocoBrick Black Tea

White 2 Tea ChocoBrick Black Tea

White 2 Tea’s ChocoBrick Black Tea which is a blend of Yunnan large leaf varietal black tea is not only a real treat for tea-thirsty mouths but also a sight for sore eyes. First of all, the square shape of the tea is fantastic. It’s compressed like a chocolate bar which is comprised of nine little square tea pieces. Each piece is used for one session and quite easy to break. The design of the packaging is fantastic as well including a cardboard box.

As I mentioned earlier, the dry leaves are compressed into little square pieces. They are composed of the black leaves and brown buds. The smell, as you guess, is quite chocolaty.

I brewed it Gongfu style using one of the little square pieces. It cupped out orangish red liquor with great clarity. It’s quite sweet with a tad astringency in the background. But nothing that bothers you (You should be careful about the timing of each infusion though, if you over-steep it you’ll get a quite bitter brew). It is definitely one of the sweetest black teas I’ve drunk so far. As its name suggests the sweetness is certainly reminiscent of chocolate. The mouthfeel is quite thick and slightly velvety.  On the other hand, the aftertaste is quite short and not persistent, leaving a loose feeling of sweetness in the mouth.

Overall, White 2 Tea ChocoBrick Black Tea is a quite successful production and highly recommended particularly for black tea lovers.

White 2 Tea ChocoBrick Black TeaWhite 2 Tea ChocoBrick Black TeaWhite 2 Tea ChocoBrick Black Tea

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