Tea Review: Teabook Sun Set Red Tea

Teabook Sunset Red Tea
Dry leaves of Sunset Red Tea

About Teabook

Teabook, founded by Jeffrey McIntosh, is an online tea store located in Seattle. The reason they attracted my attention was their beautifully designed travel tumbler. The one I got from Teavana has broken a year ago and I was looking for a replacement. 

Alongside with the tumbler, I’ve ordered their largest sample box and Sunset Red Tea.  To be honest I was not expecting their teas to be that good; so I’m glad that I’ve placed the order. I guess I should come out of my comfort zone more often and try more different teas.

Sunset Red

Tea book Sunset Red Tea, taking its name after the warm reddish amber color of its liquor, comes from Fuding, Fujian. I’ve grown accustomed to Fujianese black teas (which might be the sweetest of all black teas) since I had the chance to sip on White 2 Tea Black Meizhan and since then I always try to keep some in my tea cupboard. 

Tasting Notes

Let’s dive into tasting notes of this week’s tea. First of all, the smell of dry leaves is mesmerizing; reminiscent of milk chocolate and caramel. They are composed of short, slightly curled black tea leaves alongside with some golden yellow tea buds. 

It cupped out orangish red liquor with great clarity. It’s sweet with a tad bitterness in the back. It’s not so strong but not so mellow either; perfect for an afternoon drink. Furthermore, the aftertaste was rather long and left a taste of dark chocolate notes in the throat.

Teabook Sunset Red Tea Teabook Sunset Red Tea Teabook Sunset Red Tea

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