Tea Review: The Jade Leaf Organic Red Jade #18

The Jade Leaf Organic Red Jade #18

This week’s tea is certainly the most popular black tea of Taiwan. It’s a very unique tea and has a very rich and complex flavor profile. Sun Moon Lake which is located in Yuchi, Nantou is the homeland of this fantastic tea. It’s a hybrid between native Taiwanese wild tree and tea tree from Burma. Its original name is Tai Cha #18 and was developed in 1999.

The Jade Leaf Organic Red Jade is made by Mr. Wang on his Jing Hong Estate in Yu Chi, Nantou. It’s totally organic and harvested in Spring, 2016. Emilio had a chance of getting very limited quantity of this tea during one of his trips to Sun Moon Lake area.

Dry tea leaves are twisted/curly and rather long. They are mostly dark black and composed of whole-leaf, unbroken leaves. They are also very aromatic and they have chocolate-like smell.

I brewed it gongfu style and it’s quite generous in terms of number of the infusions. It cupped out vibrant amber red liquor with great clarity. It’s sweet with a slight touch of bitterness. I like it when sweetness of tea is balanced with a slight bitterness as in this tea. Perfect! The sweetness is more like dark chocolate. It’s very smooth and easy-to-drink. It causes a lot of salivation in the mouth and has a long, sweet aftertaste. It’s got some fruity taste as well which is reminiscent of stone fruits. Rich and full-bodied tea with a thick mouthfeel.

Overall it’s another great tea from The Jade Leaf. It’s not very often you come across and enjoy such a beautiful tea. Highly recommended particularly for black tea lovers and for those who like to explore Taiwanese tea culture beyond their fabulous oolong teas.

The Jade Leaf Organic Red Jade #18
Spent tea leaves of The Jade Leaf Red Jade
The Jade Leaf Organic Red Jade #18
The amber red liquor with great clarity
The Jade Leaf Organic Red Jade #18
Long, twisted/curly tea leaves

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