Tea Review: Jing Tea Shop Dancong Red Tea

Jing Tea Shop Dancong Red Tea

This week’s tea, dancong red tea from Jing Tea Shop, has been my favorite tea for a very long time. Even though there is some competition now it’s still one of the best I’ve tried. It’s produced from a tea varietal, shui xian, that’s generally used for the production of Milan dancong oolong tea. It’s very rare tea coming from Wu Dong Mountain in Guangdong.

Dry tea leaves are thin and slightly twisted. Mostly dark black tea leaves are shiny and uniform in shape. They’ve got very deep fruity smell. Tea produced red liquor with excellent clarity. It’s sweet, no astringency at all. It’s got very complex fruity tones, hard to pin down all of them. Yet mostly I got citrusy flavors, particularly lychee. The aftertaste was long and fruity as well. For the second infusion I oversteeped it to get a better idea of its flavor structure. Naturally it got bitter but not much. I can still get honey-like sweetness alongside with fruity and floral tones. It definitely got stronger which is ideal for my early morning routine. And I also got some nuttiness in the background.

Overall this tea is one-of-a-kind tea which I suggest particularly to those who’re into red teas. It’s a bit pricey, $30 for 100 grams of tea, but it’s worth every penny!

Jing Tea Shop Dancong Red Tea Jing Tea Shop Dancong Red Tea Jing Tea Shop Dancong Red Tea

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