Tea Review: Nelson’s Tea Raspberry Earl Grey

Nelson's Tea Raspberry Earl Grey

Earl Grey tea, named after Charles Grey who was the prime minister of United Kingdom in the early 19th century, has become quite popular in the West. The distinctive feature of this tea comes from its fragrance which is derived from bergamot oil. Personally, I’m not a great fan of flavored teas but there are a few, such as Earl Grey and Jasmine Pearls, I like to drink from time to time.

Nelson’s Tea is an Indiana-based tea company which particularly carries wide selection of flavored black teas alongside with other teas. Their Raspberry Earl Grey is one of them and composed of short, broken, dark black tea leaves alongside with pieces of blue cornflower, orange safflower petals. These petals have become quite common ingredients of some blended teas. They don’t only improve the taste but also add a colorful appearance to the tea. It’s got a quite strong, nice, refreshing smell of bergamot which I like most about Earl grey teas.

I used just over three grams of tea for about 150 ml water. It cupped out red, coppery liquor which was slightly cloudy. The aroma was both floral and fruity. Bergamot flavor was dominant but not as much as it’s in the dry leaves. It’s quite sweet (more like honey) with almost no astringency. It felt quite smooth and refreshing in the mouth, cornflower and safflower petals definitely made this tea mellower. Some of the Earl Greys I’ve tried previously bothered me because of the overuse of bergamot oil, but not this one, it was used quite sparingly which helped the tea to develop a subtle taste profile. The aftertaste was quite short, leaving traces of bergamot flavor in the back of my mouth.

Overall it’s a nice tea that you might want to keep in your tea cupboard to quench your thirst whenever you long for a nice cup of Earl Grey tea. Furthermore, use of cornflower and safflower petals definitely add depth to this tea both flavor and appearance wise. It’s suggested particularly for those who are fan of Earl Grey teas.

Nelson's Tea Raspberry Earl Grey Nelson's Tea Raspberry Earl Grey

Tea Review: Yunnan Sourcing Premium Grade Jin Jun Mei

Yunnan Sourcing Premium Grade Jin Jun Mei Black Tea

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Tea Review: Wan Ling Tea House Bei Dou Da Hong Pao

Wan Ling Tea House Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea

I’ve had a great interview with James Grayland at Wan Ling Tea House in the previous post. James was kind enough to send me a few tea samples to review on my blog. Among them was Bei Dou Da Hong Pao which is one of my favorite oolong teas, therefore deciding which one to review was not a tough decision at all.

Da Hong Pao (aka Big Red Robe) is undoubtedly the most famous rock or cliff tea. As you know, Da Hong Pao comes from Wuyi Shan in northern Fujian which is one of the main tea-producing regions of China. Da Hong Pao is among the perfect examples of highly oxidized, strip-style oolongs. Continue reading “Tea Review: Wan Ling Tea House Bei Dou Da Hong Pao”

Tea Interview: James Grayland of Wan Ling Tea House


Wan Ling Tea House - Wan Ling-James

Wan Ling Tea House is UK based tea company selling premium loose leaf teas and tisanes through their website. They also have a brick and mortar store located in Shangai. Although the tea house was founded by Wan Ling, it’s run by a mix of part-time and full-time tea lovers including James, Tom, Emma and others. We’ve been in contact with James for some time to do this interview. James has been living in Shanghai and married to Wan Ling. Continue reading “Tea Interview: James Grayland of Wan Ling Tea House”

Tea Review: Ocha & Co Organic Genmai Matcha Green Tea

Ocha & Co Genmai Matcha Green Tea

Previously I reviewed an organic sencha tea from Ocha and Co. which was quite good. This week I’ve written about their Organic Genmai Matcha Green Tea which is quite unique because in addition to brown rice and sencha leaves matcha powder is used to make this tea.

Genmaicha literally means brown-rice tea and produces very strong toasty aroma. It is a very unique Japanese green tea which is produced by combining either bancha or sencha tea leaves with roasted brown rice. Continue reading “Tea Review: Ocha & Co Organic Genmai Matcha Green Tea”